Smart EV platform

for fleet operators.

An API platform that scales up your fleet charging operations by plugging into your driver app in less than two minutes
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Trusted by India's leading EV Fleets & Charging Point Operators
Backed by India's leading venture caps

All your charging needs in one API

Setup and manage your exclusive charger and battery swapping stations
Built in AI logic to control how much power is used for charging and when
One click integration with 35+ Charging Station Operators (CPOs) across India for your public charging needs
Implement adaptive pricing strategies to increase charger utilization and relieve driver congestion at stations
Define and automatically enforce SLA breaches with CPOs
Manage multiple CPO contracts and bill reconciliation under one roof
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CP ID: 8346
Zeon Charging
Public Charging Station
Average Tariff
₹19.14 / kWh
# of Charging Stations
Uptime %

It’s easy with Pulse Energy

One click connect to any charging station across India
We have already done the heavy lifting of connecting all 35+ charging station providers into one single hub for you
Plug and Play
You can control both exclusive and non-exclusive charger using your own APIs. Integrate once and use it across your entire system
Sit back and relax
Our AI algorithms automatically learn driver-charger behavior across our platform to provide cost optimization suggestions

All the features you’ll need.

Setup and Control Chargers
Whether it's an exclusive charger in your warehouses or a non-exclusive charger, you can bring all of them under one umbrella.
Smart Charging in a box
Understands the max load in your premises and offer suggestions on different ways to manage load across your chargers
Franchisee Model
You can leverage our platform to create new business models for your charging business by creating franchisee models for your network
Increase utilization
A 15kW charger can dispense upto 360 units per day, our AI algorithm will automatically offer your different strategies to maximize utilization of your chargers
Track & Reconcile Expenses
Able to track utilization at a driver level gives you the power to track charging expenses across multiple charging partners
API First
Our 15+ years of experience building SaaS based IoT platforms bring you a performant, stable and flexible APIs that you can plug and play
Customer Case Study

Log9 builds their own roaming network with Pulse Energy

Log9 Mobility is a leading 3W and 2W EV fleet leasing vendor that leveraged Pulse Energy's SaaS API to create their own roaming network with public charging station operators in less than 1 week

Our charging apps help 9,000+ EV drivers everyday, delivers 2,500KWh+ energy daily

If you own an EV

Our OG Pulse Energy app shows all the charging stations located across India, used by 1200+ EV dealerships across India to sell EV vehicles and helps you plan your EV trips across cities.

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If you are a fleet driver

Our fleet charging app "InstaCharge" in partnership with Log9 has done more than 40,000+ charging transactions and used by 97+ fleet operators across India.

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