Best Home EV Chargers in the UK

Best Home EV Chargers in the UK

Andersen A2, Easee One, EO Mini Pro 3, etc. What should you look for when choosing the best EV Chargers in the UK? Find the best one for your needs!

According to the sales report for 2023 in the EV Industry, Over 452,000 new plug-in cars were registered in the UK in 2023, and the government aims to ban new petrol and diesel cars by 2030.

You can save on costs and enjoy convenience by charging at home. It costs £8 to £11 for a full charge compared to public stations, which may be pricier. 

For quicker charging, using a Level 2 charger could be the best option. This charger must work with your EV and take advantage of government installation grants worth up to £350. 

In this article, we shall explore the best home EV Chargers in the UK to choose the best one for your requirements.

Before we proceed with the list, we will also learn how to choose the best charger for your home! 

Choosing the Best EV Chargers in the UK for home usage

The appropriate charger is essential when setting up your home EV charging station. To assist you in making an informed decision, we have broken down the important factors here. Let’s see what we have! 

  1. Tethered vs Untethered chargers:  Consider convenience and flexibility when choosing between a charger that requires a permanently attached cable (tethered) and one that allows you to use your own cable (untethered).

  2. Power Output: Check that the charger's charging speed (kW) is compatible with your car's charging capacity and regular charging requirements.
  1. Price: To determine which charger offers the best value for your money, compare the charger's initial cost, installation costs, and any prospective long-term savings or incentives.
  2. Smart Features: Look for sophisticated features like Wi-Fi connectivity, scheduling, and energy management to maximize charging efficiency and enable remote control.

Exploring Efficiency: Choosing the best EV Chargers in the UK for Home usage

Smart chargers are essential for scheduling EV charging and maximizing electricity use. They allow users to use renewable energy generation, charge during off-peak hours, and save expenditures while guaranteeing their vehicle is ready when needed, all thanks to features like Wi-Fi connectivity and scheduling capabilities.

Tethered Charging: Best EV Chargers in UK for home usage

With a permanently attached cable, tethered chargers offer the convenience of always having a cable ready, but they lack flexibility in cable length and connector type.

Pros and Cons Table
Pros Cons
Convenience of always having a cable ready Less flexibility for cable length
Less likely to misplace or forget cables Limited to specific connector type
Usually simpler installation process It may require professional installation
Typically, cheaper upfront cost The permanent cable may need replacement if damaged

Untethered Charging: Best EV Charger in the UK for home usage

Untethered chargers provide flexibility by allowing different cables, but they risk misplacement or damage and may require extra space for cable storage.

Pros and Cons Table
Pros Cons
Flexibility to use different cables Risk of misplacing or forgetting cables
Ability to replace the cable if damaged Potential inconvenience of carrying cable
Compatible with various EV models Higher upfront cost for the charger
Future-proofing for potential EV changes Requires extra space to store cable

And now that you're a bit more savvy about what to look for, let’s dive into the top EV chargers available in the UK!

Top Best EV Chargers in the UK for home usage

1. Andersen A2

2. Easee One

3. EO Mini Pro 3

4. Hypervolt Home 3 Pro

5. Indra Smart LUX

6. Myenergi Zappi

7. Ohme Home Pro

8. Pod Point Solo 3

9. Rolec WallPod

10. Wallbox Pulsar Max

Let’s dive in to learn more about each of them! 

Andersen A2: Stylish design with smart app features

Your UK home charging gets stylishly upgraded with the Anderson A2 EV charger.

It matches your style and comes in various colors with a discrete tethered cable. Thanks to Wi-Fi and app connectivity, you can monitor charging and even integrate solar power for environmentally friendly top-ups.

Anderson A2 EV charger hides the cable for a clean look. An LED light shows the charging status. It is available in multiple colors with upgradeable wood/metal finishes.

Price: starts from around £979 for the base model 

Best used: Type 2 connector EVs, built-in cable storage

Connection type: Tethered

Max charging speed: 7kW (single phase), 22kW (three phase electric supply required)

Dimensions: measures 494mm x 348mm x 148mm.

Easee One: Compact and value for money, with multiple units on a single fuse

The Easee One makes home charging simple and affordable in the UK. This compact charger maximizes space and fits your budget. Its clever design lets you connect multiple Easee Ones to a single fuse, saving on installation costs and maximizing efficiency. The Easee One gives you smart charging convenience without breaking the bank.

Price: The base model starts around £799, offering exceptional value for money. 

Best use: Compatible with Type 2 connector EVs, ideal for homes with limited space. Connection type: Tethered. 

Max charging speed: 7kW (single phase), suitable for most residential charging needs. Dimensions: Compact dimensions of 450mm x 185mm x 115mm ensure easy installation in any location.

EO Mini Pro 3: Small with power-balancing technology.

Thanks to the EO Mini Pro 3, your electric car can have discreet power. It lives up to its name, being small and unobtrusive, not taking up much space in your driveway or garage. However, don't be fooled by its immensity. This charger has intelligent power balancing technology installed. It ensures safe and effective charging for your electric vehicle (EV) by dynamically adjusting the charging power to avoid overloading your home's electrical lines.

Price: £300-£400 

Best used: Type 2 connector EVs, being small and unobtrusive

Connection type: Tethered cable

Max charging speed: 7.2kW (single-phase) or 22kW (three-phase electrical supply required)

Dimensions: 230mm x 151mm x 125mm

Hypervolt Home 3 Pro: Trustpilot-approved adjustable illumination

This user-approved EV charger has an elegant design with adjustable lights to upgrade your home. Strong evaluations support its dependable charging experience. Remember to check for compatibility, smart features like smartphone control or solar integration, and charging speed—typically 7kW.

Price: Starts around £1000

Best used: Type 2 connector EVs, five-star Trustpilot reviews

Connection type: tethered

Max charging speed: 7kW (single-phase) with possible 22kW option (requires three-phase supply)

Dimensions: 328 x 243 x 101mm

Indra Smart LUX: Ideal for narrow spaces with solar charging compatibility.

Using the Indra Smart LUX EV charger you can maximize your limited space. This fragile device slides perfectly into any driveway or garage. But despite its diminutive size, the Smart LUX is brimming with useful functions. 

Because your EV is compatible with solar charging, you can take advantage of the sun's energy and charge it for free. Additionally, it has practical functions like app management and charging schedules that may be customized (check compatibility). Don't forget to double-check the charging speed (7kW on average) and connector type (probably Type 2 in the UK).

Price: expect the Indra Smart LUX to start around £1199

Best used: Type 2 connector EVs, narrow parking spaces

Connection type: Tethered cable (length may vary)

Max charging speed: Likely 7kW (single-phase) with a possible 22kW option (requires three-phase supply)

Dimensions: around 150mm wide x 300mm high x 200mm deep

Myenergi Zappi: Integrates renewable energy sources with eco-mode

Make sustainable use of the Myenergi Zappi to power your EV. You can power your automobile with clean, renewable energy by integrating this smart charger with solar panels or wind turbines in a smooth manner. Absence of sunlight? Not a problem! When necessary, Zappi automatically transitions to grid power. Additionally, its eco mode emphasizes charging using excess solar energy to maximize independence and reduce grid dependency.

Price: Starts around £779 for the 7kW single-phase model

Best used: Type 2 connector EVs 

Connection type: Tethered or untethered options available

Max charging speed: 7kW (single-phase) or 22kW (three-phase supply required)

Dimensions: 250mm x 180mm x 85mm (approximate)

Ohme Home Pro: Dynamic charging technology with energy tariff integration

Beyond being convenient, the Ohme Home Pro is a smart electric vehicle charger. Its dynamic charging technology ensures safe charging by adjusting to your electrical demand, eliminating overload. However, its energy tariff integration is where the true intelligence lies. Ohme Home Pro automatically charges your electric vehicle (EV) during off-peak hours by considering current energy rates, which helps you save money on your electricity bill. This gains both cost savings and efficiency.

Price: Starts from £999, including standard installation 

Best used: Type 2 connector EVs 

Connection type: Tethered 5m cable

Max charging speed: 7.4kW

Dimensions: 170mm (H) x 200mm (W) x 100mm (D)

Pod Point Solo 3: Good value with nationwide public network integration

The affordable Pod Point Solo 3 EV charger will enhance your home charging. Depending on your car, it can provide up to 35 miles of range every hour of fast charging at a maximum of 7kW. Additionally, Solo 3 easily connects to Pod Point's national network of public charging stations, providing you with mobile access to thousands of charging stations. This link also enables remote control and charging schedule optimization using the Pod Point app for added convenience.

Price: Starts from £495 for the untethered version and £545 for the tethered version 

Best used: Type 2 connector EVs

Connection type: Tethered or untethered options available

Max charging speed: 7kW (single-phase)

Dimensions: 238mm (H) x 168mm (W) x 80mm (D)

Rolec WallPod: Solar power selection with LED status indicator

Accept environmentally friendly charging with the Rolec WallPod. With the help of this EV charger, you may now prioritize using solar energy to recharge your car. Just connect your solar panels to experience environmentally friendly top-ups. With its easily readable LED status indicator, the WallPod alerts you to any changes in the charging state. Recall to verify compatibility with your car's charging speed (usually 7kW) and connector type (probably Type 2 in the UK).

Price: Starts around £947 for the 7kW model with grant funding

Best used: Type 2 connector EVs

Connection type: Tethered or untethered options available

Max charging speed: 7kW (single-phase) with possible 22kW option (requires three-phase supply)

Dimensions: 300mm (H) x 230mm (W) x 110mm (D) (approximate)

Wallbox Pulsar Max: Affordable with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant voice control

The Wallbox Pulsar Max can charge smart home devices. With a power output of up to 7kW, this affordable solution extends the range of your EV significantly in a shorter amount of time. Thanks to its integration with your smart home environment, it can be voice-controlled with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for even more ease. Using the Wallbox app, you can remotely manage charging sessions, monitor energy consumption, and even plan charging during off-peak times to save as much money as possible.

Price: Starts around £575

Best used: Type 2 connector EVs

Connection type: Tethered cable (length may vary)

Max charging speed: 7kW (single-phase) with possible 22kW option (requires three-phase supply)

Dimensions: 250mm (H) x 180mm (W) x 85mm (D) (approximate)

Installation and Maintenance: The best chargers in the UK for home usage

Purchasing an EV charger for your house increases the usefulness of your electric vehicle and offers the convenience of overnight charging. Prior to making your selection, it is imperative that you comprehend the installation procedure, the necessity for continuous maintenance, and the significance of guarantee and dependability.

Installation Costs and Potential Upgrades

The cost of installing an EV charger in your home can vary depending on several factors.

Cost Factors Table
Factor Estimated Cost (EUR)
Charger itself €300 - €1,500+
Installation labor €150 - €500
Electrical upgrades (if needed) €200 - €2,000+

Note: These prices are subject to change according to the market variations.

Ongoing maintenance needs and customer support services

  1. Charger Price: The price of a charger varies depending on the brand, features, and power output. A 7kW basic charger will cost less than a 22kW unit with more power.
  2. Labor for Installation: A licensed electrician will need to install the charger and ensure it's securely linked to your home's electrical system.
  3. Electrical Upgrades: Your current electrical system may need to be upgraded to support the extra load of an EV charger. This can entail updating your main service panel or perhaps adding a specialized circuit breaker. Depending on the extent of the job, the price of these upgrades can vary greatly.

Smart Features and App Connectivity: The best Chargers in the UK for home usage

Smart chargers provide more than just EV juice; they also have app connectivity, which opens up a whole new level of management and convenience. These apps, which come in a variety of brands, usually let you:

  1. Track Charging Status: Get up-to-date details on your charging session, such as the amount of energy utilized, the speed at which it charges, and how much time is left.
  2. Schedule Charging: By setting your charger to run your car automatically during off-peak hours, you may use lower energy costs and avoid paying extra for electricity.
  3. Track Energy Usage: Get information about how much energy your EV has used and when it has been charged, which will help you make the most of your charging routine.

Firms like Pulse Energy support reliable charger management systems to optimize your energy use and ensure smooth operations.

Firmware upgrades are another essential component of smart features.

These upgrades guarantee your charger runs smoothly and utilizes the newest security fixes and features. Reputable companies usually automatically provide firmware upgrades in their apps or upon user request.

Lastly, a few smart chargers are compatible with residential energy plans. This enables them to prioritize charging during less expensive off-peak hours and dynamically modify charging according to current electricity prices, optimizing your savings. By utilizing these applications' features and functionalities, you may actually enjoy the affordability and convenience of smart electric vehicle home charging.

Environmental Considerations when you have the best EV chargers in the UK for home usage

Go completely green at all times! When selecting an EV charger, consider environmental issues. Seek out solar panel-compatible versions so you can use the sun's energy guilt-free. Choosing chargers that use less energy reduces your environmental impact even more. In conclusion, utilizing intelligent charging during off-peak hours can optimize sustainability and potentially lower electricity costs.

Note: Partnering with an innovative platform like Pulse Energy can enhance your environmental impact by managing your energy use more efficiently


It's important to give serious thought to your home EV charger selection. Key characteristics include compatibility with your car's connector type (probably Type 2 in the UK), power output (kW) to fit your charging demands, and smart app functionality for ease and cost savings.  Remember that installation fees can change, so consider that when choosing.

Never underestimate the influence on the environment! Prefer solar-compatible chargers and consider energy-efficient products. Using smart charging during off-peak hours improves sustainability even more. Select a charger based on your driving style, vehicle capacity, and environmental concerns. Making sustainable design and smart features your top priorities will help you make good decisions for the environment and your house.

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