Pulse Energy

vs traditional EV CMS providers.

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Pulse Energy
Traditional CMS

Transaction Fee

There is a commission on that's applied on every charging session

Charging Deployment Insights

Deep insights into where to deploy charging stations based on user demand
Not Available

Interoperability Standards

Different interoperability standards that are supported by the platform
OCPI 2.2.1

Number of chargers connected to

Total number of chargers have access to today
551 DC fast chargers &
13,246 AC slow chargers
Less than 300 DC chargers & less than 1000 AC chargers each

Driver level insights

Different insights into who the driver is, how much they have consumed, how did they pay
Not Available

OCPP 1.6 and 2.0.1 Compliance

Support for smart charging profiles, and OCPP Autocharge
Not Available

Whatsapp based charging (NEW)

A zero transaction fee, instant settlement, zero friction way to get users to start charging
Not Available

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