Top EV Charger Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

Top EV Charger Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

Discover the top EV charger manufacturers and suppliers in India driving the electric mobility revolution.


With the global push towards sustainability and the growing concern over carbon emissions, the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) has become increasingly imperative. 

In India, where the automotive industry is a significant contributor to pollution, the transition to EVs presents a promising solution. 

However, the widespread acceptance of EVs faces the challenge of range anxiety, hindering consumer confidence in making the switch. To address this concern, the development of a robust charging infrastructure is crucial.

Top EV charger manufacturers and suppliers play a pivotal role in facilitating the transition to electric mobility by offering innovatively designed AC and DC chargers.

In this guide, we will explore some of the leading EV charger manufacturers and suppliers in India. 

The shift towards electric vehicles (EVs) for smoother drives and saving on fuel costs

The shift towards electric vehicles (EVs) for smoother drives and saving on fuel costs
The shift towards electric vehicles (EVs) for smoother drives and saving on fuel costs

The automotive sector finds itself at a critical crossroads in a world where environmental concerns and the need to cut carbon footprints are becoming more and more clear. 

The move toward electric cars (EVs) represents a structural change rather than just a fad. Electric vehicles (EVs) have the potential to change our perception of transportation by offering not just smoother rides but also significant fuel savings.

The green aspect of EVs makes them so appealing; they provide a guilt-free substitute for conventional combustion engine vehicles. 

Since EVs have no tailpipe emissions, they play a major role in reducing air pollution and halting global warming. 

Moreover, compared to their fossil fuel-powered counterparts, electric vehicles are fundamentally more energy-efficient, which results in significant fuel cost savings throughout the vehicle's lifetime.

The challenge of range anxiety with EVs

Range anxiety refers to the fear or concern that an electric vehicle (EV) will run out of battery power before reaching its destination or a charging station.

  • Limited charging infrastructure: Insufficient availability of charging stations can exacerbate range anxiety, especially in areas with sparse charging infrastructure.
  • Perception vs. reality: Range anxiety may be influenced by misconceptions about EV range limitations, despite advancements in battery technology that offer increasingly longer ranges.
  • Weather conditions: Extreme temperatures, such as cold winters or hot summers, can impact battery performance and range, contributing to range anxiety.
  • Driving habits: Aggressive driving, high speeds, and frequent acceleration can drain the battery faster, leading to increased range anxiety.
  • Psychological factor: Range anxiety may also be influenced by psychological factors, such as unfamiliarity with EV technology or a lack of confidence in estimating range.

Measures such as expanding charging infrastructure, improving battery technology, and increasing public awareness can help alleviate range anxiety and promote greater EV adoption.

The role of top EV charger manufacturers in offering innovatively designed AC and DC chargers

The charging infrastructure is the foundation of the ecosystem surrounding electric vehicles, and leading EV charger manufacturers have been instrumental in its development. 

These manufacturers are entrusted with creating cutting-edge AC and DC chargers that meet the various demands of electric vehicle users. 

AC chargers are frequently found in homes, offices, and public areas.

On the other hand, DC chargers are made for fast charging, giving EV users the option to swiftly top off their batteries, cutting down on downtime and easing range anxiety

The importance of robust charging infrastructure for EV adoption in India

The importance of robust charging infrastructure for EV adoption in India
The importance of robust charging infrastructure for EV adoption in India

A strong infrastructure for charging is essential to the transition to sustainable mobility. 

EVs need charging stations to recharge their electricity, unlike conventional gas stations where refilling is a common convenience. 

Therefore, a key factor in determining the rate of EV adoption is the accessibility and availability of charging infrastructure.

A thorough infrastructure for charging must have multiple charging choices, from fast chargers for quick refueling while on the road to slow chargers for overnight charging. 

It is imperative to strategically locate charging stations beside highways, urban areas, and commercial hubs to facilitate long-distance driving and foster driver confidence among electric vehicle users.

Tata Power EZ Charge

Based in Mumbai, with more than 3,000 EZ charge terminals across over 450 Indian cities and towns

Based in the bustling metropolis of Mumbai, Tata Power EZ Charge emerges as a dynamic force in India's electric mobility revolution. 

With a formidable presence spanning over 450 Indian cities and towns, their network of 3,000+ EZ charge terminals sets the standard for accessibility and convenience. 

Offers a variety of AC and DC chargers

Catering to the diverse needs of electric vehicle owners, Tata Power EZ Charge offers a comprehensive range of AC and DC chargers, ensuring seamless charging experiences across the nation.

Partnerships with domestic and global EV makers

Setting themselves apart through strategic partnerships with both domestic and global EV makers, Tata Power EZ Charge plays a pivotal role in accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles in India

Installed over 23,500 home chargers and more than 240 electric bus charging stations in over 25 Indian states and 5 Union Territories

Beyond urban centers, their impact extends to the grassroots level, with over 23,500 home chargers and 240 electric bus charging stations strategically deployed across 25 Indian states and 5 Union Territories. 

With every charging point, Tata Power EZ Charge reaffirms its commitment to driving sustainable transportation solutions and shaping the future of mobility in India.

Exicom Tele-Systems Ltd

Located in Gurugram-Haryana

Nestled in the vibrant city of Gurugram-Haryana, Exicom Tele-Systems Ltd stands as a beacon of innovation in India's electric mobility sector. 

Over 20 years in service, having deployed over 20,000 AC and DC chargers

With a rich legacy spanning over two decades, Exicom has consistently pushed the boundaries of charging technology, deploying over 20,000 AC and DC chargers for both home and commercial applications. 

Partnership with leading EV manufacturers

Their unwavering dedication to excellence is reflected in their strategic partnerships with leading EV manufacturers, ensuring seamless integration of charging solutions with cutting-edge electric vehicles.

Beyond merely providing charging infrastructure, Exicom Tele-Systems Ltd is committed to shaping the future of electric mobility in India. 

By leveraging their extensive experience and expertise, they empower consumers and businesses alike to embrace sustainable transportation solutions. 

With each charger deployed, Exicom Tele-Systems Ltd paves the way towards a greener, more efficient future for India's transportation ecosystem.

Servotech Power Systems

Head office in New Delhi, manufacturing in Haryana

From its headquarters in the bustling city of New Delhi, Servotech Power Systems emerges as a beacon of engineering excellence in India's electric vehicle charging landscape

More than 2400 AC & DC EV chargers supplied to various projects and consumers

With over two decades of experience in the electronics manufacturing sector, Servotech has established itself as a trusted provider of AC and DC EV chargers, supplying over 2400 units to various projects and consumers nationwide.

Strategic locations for fast-charging

What sets Servotech Power Systems apart is its unwavering commitment to innovation and reliability. 

With strategic placements for fast charging and a robust distribution network spanning across India, they ensure that electric vehicle owners have access to efficient charging solutions wherever they go. 

Wide distribution network across India and 20 years of operation in the electronics manufacturing sector

As India transitions towards a greener future, Servotech Power Systems remains at the forefront, driving the evolution of electric mobility with precision-engineered charging solutions.

Ather Grid

Office in Karnataka, India

In the vibrant tech hub of Karnataka, Ather Grid stands as a testament to innovation in electric charging infrastructure. 

Over 1000 grid points in major Indian cities including Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru

With a vision to continuously enhance the charging experience, Ather Grid has established over 1000 grid points in major Indian cities, including the bustling metropolises of Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru. 

Their commitment to convenience and accessibility ensures that electric vehicle owners can charge their vehicles with ease, whether they're navigating urban streets or embarking on long journeys.

Aim to continuously improve the charging experience

Ather Grid's dedication to innovation extends beyond merely providing charging infrastructure; it's about redefining the way people perceive electric mobility. By seamlessly integrating charging points into urban landscapes, they're making sustainable transportation solutions a tangible reality for millions of Indians. As they continue to expand their network and push the boundaries of charging technology, Ather Grid remains at the forefront of India's electric mobility revolution.


Office in Uttar Pradesh, India

From its headquarters in Uttar Pradesh, Volttic emerges as a dynamic player in India's electric mobility sector, aiming to serve global markets.

Home & commercial charging solutions ranging from 3.3 kW EV AC home charger to DC chargers up to 150 kW

Offering a diverse range of home and commercial charging solutions, ranging from 3.3 kW EV AC home chargers to powerful DC chargers up to 150 kW, Volttic caters to the evolving needs of electric vehicle owners with precision and innovation.

Commercial charging stations in various locations, including Kochi, Jaipur, and Pune

With commercial charging stations strategically located in various cities, including Kochi, Jaipur, and Pune, Volttic is paving the way for sustainable transportation solutions across India.

Plans to serve the global markets

However, Volttic’s ambitions extend far beyond national borders, with plans to penetrate global markets and make a lasting impact on the future of electric mobility worldwide. 

As they continue to innovate and expand their reach, Volttic remains committed to lighting the way towards a greener, more sustainable future for all.

Future of Electric Mobility with Pulse Energy

Future of Electric Mobility with Pulse Energy
Future of Electric Mobility with Pulse Energy

Are you a business that owns or manages EV charging stations, or perhaps someone who oversees fleets of electric vehicles? If yes, allow us to introduce Pulse Energy, your solution for streamlining and optimizing electric mobility operations.

Pulse Energy offers a comprehensive set of tools tailored specifically for charge point operators (CPOs) and EV fleet operators. 

With our API platform, integrating EV charging functionality into your existing driver apps is a breeze, taking under 2 minutes to set up. 

But that's just the beginning.

As your one-stop shop for all charging needs, Pulse Energy simplifies the complexities of managing EV charging. 

Whether it's setting up and managing exclusive charging stations, or accessing public charging stations from over 35 different CPOs across India with a single click. 

Implementing dynamic pricing strategies, or handling contracts and billing with multiple CPOs, Pulse Energy has you covered.

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Pulse Energy analyzes driver and charger behavior to suggest ways to optimize charging costs. 

The result? Reduced complexity, increased efficiency, and an improved driver experience.


In conclusion, the rise in electric vehicles (EVs) signals a dramatic change toward a more ecologically sensitive and sustainable future when transportation is entering a revolutionary period. However, an essential element at the center of this transformation is the EV charging stations, which are the vitality of the ecosystem surrounding electric mobility.

EV charging stations are the lifeblood of electric vehicles; they are more than just pieces of infrastructure. 

EVs as trustworthy solutions for the future of mobility

The foundation of a sustainable and effective mobility future is electric vehicles or EVs. 

With zero emissions at the exhaust and a growing selection of models and features, electric vehicles (EVs) are a reliable replacement for traditional combustion engine vehicles. 

Benefits of EVs and local policy support for EV adoption

The benefits of EVs extend far beyond their eco-friendly credentials. They bring tangible economic advantages, reduce dependency on imported fossil fuels, and create new avenues for job creation and technological innovation. 

However, realizing these benefits requires robust support from local policies. Incentives such as tax breaks, subsidies, and infrastructure investments play a crucial role in encouraging EV adoption, making it not just a viable option but an attractive one for consumers. 

By aligning policy support with the societal and environmental benefits of EVs, we can accelerate their adoption and drive meaningful change in our transportation landscape.

The critical role of these manufacturers and suppliers in building India’s charging infrastructure

Behind the scenes of India's electric mobility revolution stand manufacturers and suppliers, diligently working to build the charging infrastructure that powers our future. 

By partnering with domestic and global EV makers, they ensure that charging infrastructure keeps pace with the growing demand for electric mobility solutions. 

Explore the innovative solutions offered by Pulse Energy and discover how they're shaping the future of electric mobility. Visit the website today!

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