Top EV Charging Companies in Bangalore and the World

Top EV Charging Companies in Bangalore and the World

Explore Bangalore's top EV charging companies, including Tata Power, Charge Zone, ChargePoint, and Tesla, driving global EV adoption.

According to the Times of India, the government estimates that by 2030, there will be around a whopping 23 lakh electric vehicles in Bengaluru alone. Now, think about the need for EV Charging Companies. Not only is this thriving center of technology staying up, but it's leading the way in Bengaluru.

Bangalore (aka Bengaluru) presents an exciting view of the EV charging environment and the future of urban mobility. The shocking thing is that it goes beyond the chargers themselves. It is about the intricate dance between public policy and private enterprise that propels this development. This article explains the interesting world of Bangalore's EV charging stations, where collaboration is highly valued, and electric vehicles are the way of the future.

The Critical Role of EV Charging Companies

EV charging companies are essential for driving the global adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and act as the heart of this process. They provide the necessary infrastructure for charging EVs, bridging the gap between ownership and practicality. 

Their function goes beyond only providing charging stations; they also help make charging networks more accessible, dependable, and efficient, which helps to allay the main worries of EV users and prospective adopters. Through their investments in R&D, technology, and infrastructure development, these companies foster innovation and enhance the overall charging experience, improving the appeal and usability of electric vehicles for end users.

Now, having dived into the innovative world of EV charging in Bangalore, let's shift gears and unravel the forces driving their growth and how the market is shaping up.

Growth Factors and Market Drivers: EV charging Companies

Government programs and subsidies largely drive the development of EV charging infrastructure, encouraging investment and growth. Partnerships between EV charging companies and automakers expedite developments even more, guaranteeing the smooth incorporation of charging systems with electric vehicle models. 

The foundation of the expanding EV charging market is this convergence of customer demand, corporate alliances, government assistance, and sustainable energy.

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Leading EV Charging Companies in Bangalore

Bangalore, a booming IT hub at the forefront of India's electric car revolution, is home to top EV charging companies that advance accessibility and innovation. The companies listed below have a big say in how the sustainable transportation system in the city is designed. Now, let's dig in and look at the best EV charging businesses in Bangalore in more detail. 

Tata Power

Over a century after founding as a Tata Group company, Tata Power has played a significant role in India's energy industry. Tata Power has invested in EV charging infrastructure to aid the nation's shift to environmentally friendly transportation and set up more than 50 charging stations in Bengaluru.

Current Offerings:

  1. 4932+ Charging Points: Boasts an extensive network of over 4932 charging points across India.
  2. 442+ E-Bus Charging Points: Provides specialized charging solutions for electric buses with over 442 dedicated charging points.
  3. 61,000+ Home Chargers: Offers home charging solutions with over 61,000 units installed.
  4. 50/60 kW DC Charger: Provides high-power DC charging capability, suitable for fast-charging EVs.
  5. 30 kW DC/Fleet Charger: Offers fleet charging solutions with efficient DC charging capability.
  6. AC Charger: Provides AC charging solutions for residential and commercial use.

Future Expansion:

  • In the near future, the company hopes to surpass 7000 charging sites by significantly expanding its network.
  • keeping up the innovation to assist India's expanding EV market and offer cutting-edge charging options.

Key Milestones:

  • Tata Power's infrastructure for EV charging has grown significantly over the last two years, with a doubling of its charging points.
  • Its growth and market presence has been aided by partnerships with businesses, government organizations, and automakers.

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Designed to meet the demand for quick and effective charging options along key thoroughfares and roads. quickly grew its network to become India's top supplier of infrastructure for DC fast charging.

Current Offerings:

  1. Extensive Fast Charging Network: Boasts an extensive network of fast charging stations strategically located along highways and major routes.
  2. Dedicated Fast Charging Points: Over 200 dedicated fast charging points are provided to cater to the growing demand for rapid charging.
  3. High-Power DC Chargers: Offers high-power DC chargers, capable of delivering fast charging for various EV models.
  4. Focus on Long-Distance Travel: Specializes in providing fast charging solutions to facilitate long-distance travel for EV owners.

Future Expansion:

  • Plans to build more fast charging stations along important thoroughfares and in major cities as part of an ongoing network expansion.
  • always coming up with new ideas to bring in cutting-edge charging technology and enhance the dependability and effectiveness of its infrastructure for charging.

Key Milestones:

  • Over the past several years, Charge Zone has experienced a remarkable expansion in the number of charging stations and considerable growth in its fast-charging network.
  • Collaborations with transportation firms, highway authorities, and other relevant parties have been essential to its growth and market penetration.

Ather Energy

Founded and headquartered in Bangalore, the company's mission is to improve urban mobility and hasten India's transition to electric vehicles. It has become a well-known force in the EV market with the best-selling two-wheeler EVs in Bangalore and a reputation for creative problem-solving and inventive thinking.

Current Offerings:

  1. Ather Grid Expansion: Ather Energy's Ather Grid network has expanded to include over 4000 charging points across 100 cities in India.
  2. Tier-II, III City Focus: This plan emphasizes expanding charging infrastructure in tier-II and III cities to enhance urban mobility and accessibility.
  3. Comprehensive Charging Solutions: Provides various charging solutions, including fast charging stations, home chargers, and public charging points.
  4. Collaborative Partnerships: Collaborates with municipal corporations, real estate developers, and commercial establishments to deploy charging infrastructure in key locations.
  5. Advanced Technology: Offers cutting-edge technology in its charging solutions, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and user convenience.

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Future Expansion:

  • Aims to add an extra 4000 charging outlets in the next phase of its growth plans to extend its Ather Grid network further.
  • As EV owners' needs change, the infrastructure for charging them is being updated with cutting-edge features and functionalities through constant innovation.

Key Milestones:

  • In a short amount of time, Ather Grid points have doubled, marking important advancements in the company's infrastructure expansion.
  • Its expansion and market penetration have been largely attributed to cooperative efforts with governmental organizations, urban planners, and infrastructure suppliers.


Established to address the need for easy, localized charging options in cities, it rapidly became well-known for its creative Kirana Charzer and collaborations with apartment buildings.

Current Offerings:

  1. Localized Charging Solutions: Charzer has deployed 5000+ charging points in urban areas through partnerships with retailers and housing associations.
  2. Kirana Charzer Initiative: Introduced the Kirana Charzer, a compact and affordable charging solution for small businesses and local shops.
  3. Apartment Complex Partnerships: Collaborates with apartment complexes and housing societies to install charging infrastructure for residents.
  4. Accessibility and Convenience: Focuses on providing convenient access to charging points in densely populated areas, enhancing the adoption of electric vehicles.
  5. Retail Collaborations: Partners with retail chains and commercial establishments to deploy charging infrastructure at strategic locations.

Future Expansion:

  • Intends to expand its network of charging stations even more, with the goal of placing 10,000 more in urban areas in the upcoming years.
  • keeping up with technological advancements to provide fresh approaches to charging and meet the rising demand for electric vehicles.

Key Milestones:

  • In a short amount of time, Charzer surpassed the 5,000 charging point threshold in infrastructure deployment, marking significant achievements.
  • Partnerships for cooperation with local companies, housing associations, and merchants have been essential to its growth and market penetration.


In response to the increasing need for EV charging infrastructure in Northern Bangalore, Statiq was founded. established with the goal of meeting regional demand and assisting in the creation of environmentally friendly transportation options.

Current Offerings:

  1. Infrastructure Growth in Northern Bangalore: Statiq has established over 500 charging points in Northern Bangalore, catering to the needs of local EV owners.
  2. Collaboration with HPCL: Partnered with HPCL to deploy charging infrastructure at petrol stations, enhancing accessibility and convenience for EV users.
  3. Focus on Local Demand: Prioritizes addressing the specific needs of the local community, including residential areas, commercial hubs, and transportation corridors.
  4. Addressing Congestion: This initiative aims to ease congestion in urban areas by providing accessible charging solutions and encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles.
  5. Technology Integration: Integrates advanced technology in its charging infrastructure to ensure reliability, efficiency, and user convenience.

Future Expansion:

  • It intends to expand its network of charging stations, with the goal of placing an extra 1000 charging stations around Bangalore and the neighboring areas.
  • I'm looking for opportunities to collaborate with regional authorities and stakeholders to hasten the adoption of electric vehicles.

Key Milestones:

  • Statiq has doubled the number of charging points in a short time, marking important advancements in expanding its infrastructure.
  • Collaborations with HPCL, urban planners, and local authorities have facilitated the company's expansion and market penetration.

Now that we’ve seen the local champions; how about we go global? Fasten your seat belts as we zoom into the giants leading the worldwide EV charging crusade.

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Global EV Charging Giants: EV Charging Company

Global titans have arisen, reshaping the electric vehicle (EV) charging business with scale and creativity in a quickly changing landscape. With their extensive infrastructure and state-of-the-art technologies, these market leaders play a crucial role in propelling the global adoption of electric vehicles.

Pulse Energy offers a platform that provides essential tools for remote monitoring and management, facilitating global companies' maintaining high standards of charger availability and user satisfaction.


With an emphasis on North America and an expansion into Bangalore, ChargePoint runs a vast network of electric vehicle charging stations.


  • With a large network of EV charging stations, ChargePoint provides both AC and DC charging choices, mostly in North America.
  • For an easy-to-use experience, their stations come with cutting-edge features like mobile app integration and real-time charging status notifications.


  • ChargePoint has installed thousands of charging stations throughout North America and is a major player in the EV charging market.
  • They have paved the way for advancing intelligent charging technologies, facilitating demand control and grid optimization.

Future Expansion:

  • ChargePoint wants to expand its network and invest in state-of-the-art technology in response to the growing global demand for EV charging infrastructure.
  • They intend to look at opportunities for global market expansion while increasing their presence in North America.

Foray into Bangalore Market:

  • The introduction of ChargePoint into the Bangalore market represents a critical turning point in the city's mobility revolution.
  • By putting their knowledge into practice, ChargePoint hopes to support Bangalore's EV charging ecosystem growth and satisfy the demands of both locals and companies.


Fast charging for Tesla automobiles is possible because of the broad global reach and proprietary technologies of Tesla's Supercharger Network.


  • Tesla runs the Supercharger Network, a Tesla-only EV charging network renowned for its cutting-edge technology and dependability.
  • Tesla's high-speed chargers are installed in the Supercharger stations, enabling quick charging for Tesla automobiles.


  • With thousands of Supercharger stations installed worldwide, the Tesla Supercharger Network has accomplished notable milestones in the EV charging sector.
  • It has been instrumental in enabling Tesla customers to travel great distances by offering quick and easy charging along major routes.

Future Expansion:

  • Tesla is persistently growing its Supercharger Network in an effort to broaden its reach globally and improve accessibility for Tesla users.
  • To ensure that customers have the best possible charging experience, the company makes research and development investments to advance charging technology and efficiency.

Foray into Bangalore Market:

  • The introduction of Tesla into the Bangalore market is a big step toward the city's electric vehicle transition.
  • Bangalore locals may anticipate having access to quick and dependable charging options with the launch of Tesla's Supercharger Network, which will hasten the uptake of electric vehicles in the area.

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In order to meet the increasing need for electric car infrastructure in the region, ABB provides cutting-edge rapid charging solutions and is well-represented throughout Europe.


  • ABB offers cutting-edge rapid charging solutions that satisfy AC and DC charging requirements. These solutions are renowned for their dependability and efficiency.
  • Their charging stations come with cutting-edge features like remote monitoring and payment integration for the user's convenience.


  • Thousands of EV charging stations have been installed by ABB throughout Europe and other regions, marking notable industry milestones.
  • They have been instrumental in influencing the development of electric mobility, especially in Europe, by providing state-of-the-art charging technology.

Future Expansion:

  • With intentions to further broaden its worldwide reach, ABB is actively growing its market share in the EV charging industry.
  • Their objective is to present novel technology and solutions that cater to the changing demands of the electric car industry and facilitate the shift towards eco-friendly transportation.

Foray into Bangalore Market:

  • The introduction of ABB into the Bangalore market represents a significant step forward in the city's electric mobility revolution.
  • ABB hopes to support Bangalore's expanding EV owner population by contributing to the construction of a strong EV charging infrastructure and utilizing its experience in rapid charging solutions.


EVgo provides comprehensive charging solutions for electric vehicle customers around the country and runs the largest public fast-charging network in the United States.


  • Across the country, EVgo offers an extensive network of fast charging stations with high-speed chargers that can be used with various EV models.
  • Mobile app connectivity and real-time charging status notifications are two practical aspects that their stations offer for a smooth user experience.


  • EVgo has made significant strides in the EV charging sector and established itself as a frontrunner in the US market for public fast charging infrastructure.
  • They have been instrumental in encouraging the use of electric vehicles by providing dependable and easily accessible charging options.

Future Expansion:

  • In order to fulfill the rising demand for EV charging services, EVgo is building out its fast charging network further. The goal is to boost capacity and coverage.
  • They intend to expand the number of charging stations they place in key US locations to make EV users' access to them more convenient.

Foray into Bangalore Market:

Even though EVgo primarily focuses on the US market, its accomplishments and know-how in running a vast rapid charging network can serve as a model for future improvements to Bangalore's electric vehicle infrastructure.

Blink Charging

Acknowledged for its adaptable charging alternatives and ambitions to expand globally, Blink Charging offers electric vehicle owners worldwide a variety of charging choices.


  • To meet various demands, Blink Charging provides a range of adaptable charging alternatives, including AC and DC charging options.
  • Their charging stations have easy-to-use features like touchscreen interfaces and RFID authentication for a seamless user experience.


  • In the EV charging sector, Blink Charging has expanded its global charging station network and hit notable benchmarks.
  • By providing creative charging options and encouraging the use of electric vehicles, they have significantly contributed to the advancement of electric mobility.

Future Expansion:

  • Blink Charging is still working to expand globally, with the goal of becoming more well-recognized in important global markets.
  • With an emphasis on regions where there is a significant demand for EV charging services, they intend to install more infrastructure for charging EVs in key locations.

Foray into Bangalore Market:

Although Blink Charging's main objective is to grow internationally, its experience in offering adaptable charging options can guide and inspire future improvements to Bangalore's infrastructure for electric vehicles. If the owners of EV charging stations purchase franchises for the same purpose, this can also be used in Tech City to increase the number of charging station facilities. 

Challenges and Opportunities: EV Charging Companies

Establishing a vast network of EV charging stations remains a significant challenge, requiring both urban and rural communities to overcome logistical and technological barriers.

Challenges and Opportunities Table
Challenges Opportunities
Logistical and technological hurdles Advancing EV charging tech via overcoming challenges
Balancing supply and demand across urban and rural areas Developing efficient, accessible charging solutions
Varying EV adoption rates across regions Economic growth: job creation, local economy strengthening
Ensuring compatibility and interoperability of charging infrastructure Integration with transportation needs through balanced infrastructure

From the battleground of challenges and opportunities, let's cast our eyes on the horizon. What does the future hold for the realm of EV charging? Let's explore the possibilities.

Future Outlook: EV Charging Companies

Future EV charging infrastructure is expected to increase quickly, with Bangalore and international markets expected to grow the most. 

Interoperability among charging networks becomes essential to providing customers with a seamless charging experience across various platforms. One anticipated change is the move to wireless charging methods, which offer more efficiency and convenience. 

Policy directives and innovation will continue to shape the landscape of EV charging significantly, driving the development of technical advancements and regulatory frameworks that facilitate the broad use of electric vehicles while maintaining accessibility and sustainability for all.


In conclusion, the development of EV charging infrastructure offers a dynamic scene full of possibilities and problems. Future sustainable transportation in Bangalore will largely be shaped by cooperation between public policy and private industry as the city becomes known as a center of innovation for electric mobility.

Bangalore and international markets can set the stage for an electric car ecosystem that is more easily accessible, effective, and sustainable by putting new technological developments into practice, encouraging network interoperability, and adopting wireless charging options.

The development of EV charging technology has enormous potential to accelerate the shift to a more environmentally friendly and interconnected world, provided that policy directives and innovation remain a priority.

As the future of EV charging unfolds, integrating platforms like Pulse Energy, which supports OCPI and Unified Energy Interface, becomes critical in fostering innovation and ensuring seamless, efficient operations in a more interconnected EV ecosystem.

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