Best Fleet Management Software in India 2024

Best Fleet Management Software in India 2024

If you are a fleet management company looking for the best software, this guide is for you. Learn about the top 8 fleet management software in 2024.

The India Electric Vehicle Market size is estimated at 34.8 billion USD in 2024 and is expected to reach 120 billion USD by 2030

Fleet management software for real-time vehicle tracking in India has become important for companies looking to maximize their businesses. These software systems use GPS technology to offer precise location data, allowing EV Fleet managers to monitor vehicles. 

This feature facilitates quick response to crises or changes, improves route planning, and increases fleet visibility. To ensure compliance and safety, fleet management software designed specifically for India frequently includes features adapted to local laws and traffic patterns. Businesses can use it to control driver behavior, track vehicle maintenance schedules, optimize routes, and monitor fuel use. Ultimately, spending money on top-notch fleet management software gives businesses a competitive edge by promoting efficiency and dependability throughout the fleet and streamlining operations.

With that in mind, let's explore the key features that vehicle tracking can offer within fleet management software.

Key features of Vehicle tracking in Fleet Management Software

"Vehicle-tracking" refers to the real-time monitoring of a vehicle's position, movements, and status through GPS and other tracking devices. Fleet managers can remotely track their fleet's movements and activities by installing gadgets in their cars that provide data to a central server.

Let’s find the key features of Vehicle Tracking in fleet management software -

  1. Enhanced Fleet Visibility: By giving fleet managers access to real-time information on vehicle locations, monitoring operations, and ensuring that vehicles run on time is easier.
  1. Enhanced Efficiency: Vehicle tracking helps reduce fuel use, boost output, and reduce idle time by optimizing routes and monitoring driver behavior.
  1. Improved Asset Security: By locating stolen vehicles promptly, tracking systems can lower the likelihood of theft and increase asset security.
  1. Compliance and Safety: By offering information on driver behavior (such as speeding or hard braking), many tracking systems assist businesses in enforcing safe driving procedures and adhering to legal requirements.
  1. Savings: Vehicle monitoring systems help minimize wear and tear on vehicles, optimize routes, and cut fuel consumption, all of which contribute to lower operating expenses and increased profitability.

  2. Customer service: Precise tracking information enables companies to better serve customers by giving accurate delivery schedules and quicker responses to their questions.
  1. Data-driven Decision Making: Vehicle tracking systems produce useful data and analytics that may inform fleet operations, maintenance plans, and resource allocation.

Now that we've seen the essential features let's take a closer look at how integrating Google Maps can further enhance fleet management.

Real-time tracking with Google Maps in Fleet management software

Google Maps in India is the primary resource for fleet management and GPS tracking. It is widely used by the people, as well as the Businesses. It provides accurate mapping data, dependable route planning capabilities, and real-time traffic updates, and it works flawlessly with fleet management software. 

Companies use Google Maps to plan effective routes, visualize vehicle positions, and provide clients with exact arrival times. This connection guarantees fleet managers can make well-informed decisions based on current geographic information, increase operational efficiency, and improve customer service.

Ready to explore the broader benefits? Let's examine the advantages of GPS tracking and fleet management software.

Benefits of GPS Tracking and Fleet Management Software

GPS tracking and fleet management systems offer a multitude of benefits that streamline operations and enhance efficiency for businesses in India:

  1. Real-Time Location Monitoring: Real-time location tracking makes Precise vehicle location data available, facilitating effective route planning and prompt customer service or emergency response.
  1. Route Optimization: Route optimization saves fuel expenses and guarantees on-time delivery using previous data and real-time traffic changes.
  1. Enhanced Safety: Monitoring driver behavior and vehicle speed encourages safer driving habits and lowers the chance of accidents on Indian roads.
  1. Cost savings: Lowers operating costs through lowering insurance premiums, maximizing vehicle maintenance schedules, and consuming less fuel.
  1. Better Customer Service: By giving customers precise ETAs and delivery updates, you may increase customer satisfaction and confidence by offering dependable assistance and communication.

Integrating Pulse Energy's comprehensive fleet management solutions to optimize scheduling and fuel efficiency can result in significant cost savings.

So, what exactly should you look for when choosing GPS tracking and fleet management software? Let's break down the must-have features.

Features to Look for in GPS Tracking and Fleet Management Software

Real-time GPS tracking uses GPS technology to provide constant updates on the positions of vehicles, allowing for accurate monitoring and prompt reaction to crises or changes in operations.

  1. Route optimization: This technique uses algorithms and real-time traffic data to find India's most fuel-efficient car routes, reducing delivery times and fuel usage.
  1. Geofencing:  enhances security and operational control by creating virtual boundaries on a map to establish operating areas and notifying managers when vehicles enter or leave these zones.
  1. Driver behaviour monitoring: This measures and evaluates driver actions such as speed, braking, and acceleration to promote safer driving practices, increase fuel efficiency, and lower the number of accidents.

Utilize Pulse Energy's sophisticated maintenance management tools to keep your vehicles in top condition and extend their lifespan.

  1. Vehicle repair Management: This approach ensures fleet dependability, complies with legal requirements, and extends vehicle lifespan by tracking usage and health data and scheduling repair operations on time.

Top 8 GPS Tracking and Fleet Management Software

  1. Pulse energy
  2. Trackobit
  3. Samsara
  4. Verizon Connect
  5. Geotab
  6. Teletrac Navman
  7. Azuga
  8. Fleetio

Let’s look closely at each GPS Tracking and Fleet management software.

Pulse Energy

With an emphasis on optimizing electric vehicle (EV) fleet operations, Pulse Energy assists companies in shifting to a more economical and environmentally friendly mode of transportation. 

Headquartered in India- Their cloud-based software provides an extensive feature set made especially for electric vehicles:

  1. EV Charger Management: Pulse Energy streamlines the management of EV chargers for public charging networks and its own proprietary charging stations. One may: 
  • Establish and oversee your infrastructure for charging.
  • Connect with more than 35 charging station operators (CPOs) in India (presuming, based on your earlier request, Pulse Energy is present in India).
  • Use dynamic pricing techniques to control congestion and maximize charger utilization. Track the functionality and health of the charger.
  1. Smart Charging and Energy Optimization: Using artificial intelligence (AI), Pulse Energy optimizes charging schedules according to driver behaviour, grid availability, and electricity costs. This can drastically lower the cost of electricity and energy use.
  2. Real-time Fleet Tracking and Route Planning: Stay current on your electric vehicles' whereabouts and conditions. Create effective routes by considering the amount of battery life left, charging station availability, and real-time traffic flow.
  3. Driver Behavior Monitoring: Monitor how drivers behave to spot chances to boost productivity and security. This can involve monitoring the frequency of drivers applying regenerative braking and eschewing pointless idling, which can prolong battery life and lower energy usage.
  4. Maintenance Management: Plan and monitor your EVs' preventive maintenance to guarantee peak performance and save expensive malfunctions.


Trackobot is a white-label fleet management software specializing in fleet management and GPS tracking solutions. It offers real-time tracking, route optimization, and driver behaviour monitoring. The software helps businesses enhance operational efficiency, improve safety, and reduce costs through comprehensive fleet management capabilities. 

Headquartered in India, 

  • TrackoBit provides driver behaviour monitoring, route optimization, and real-time GPS tracking on a single platform.
  • It sends alerts for speeding, idle, and geofence violations to increase fleet safety and efficiency.
  • Through sensor integration, TrackoBit provides actionable insights and hidden analytics to support smarter decision-making.


Locus offers route optimization, real-time tracking, and predictive analytics to streamline logistics operations. From RideSafe a women’s safety GPS real-time tracking app to Locus, a leading logistics optimization platform, provides various features for its customers through its fleet management software. 

  • Locus’ fleet tracking software alerts and informs your customers with SMS notifications on deliveries at different fulfilment stages. 
  • Driver Companion App offers an easy-to-use application enabling real-time communication with riders and delivery executives. 
  • Control Tower feature provides your stakeholders with a bird's eye view of logistics operations like rider routes, order status, and accurate delivery estimates on a unified dashboard.
  • The tracking page feature generates order-tracking links with accurate ETAs that help your customers monitor and track their delivery status in real time.


MoveX provides fleet tracking, maintenance management, and driver behaviour monitoring for efficient fleet operations. 

  • GPS fleet tracking and real-time vehicle visibility.
  • Enhances fleet visibility by achieving swift onboarding by replacing all the manual and tedious documentation tasks with automation.
  • Streamline fleet management by making documentation easy and managing driver subscriptions without hassles.
  • Boosts driver performance and reduce your fuel expenses.


FleetX focuses on real-time tracking, fuel management, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • GPS fleet tracking combined with a scalable telematics platform.
  • Optimize tasks like job sheets, vehicle servicing, consignment management, and vehicle indenting for efficient workflows.
  • Fleetx sensors capture rich data to give insights into your drivers' performance, including their driving patterns, mileage, vehicle health data, and more. 
  • Top-notch visibility with "to-the-second" GPS tracking and real-time monitoring.
  • Enhances driver safety, reduces fuel expenses, optimizes vehicle health and reduces tensions of high-end material theft using Fleetx AI-powered IOT devices. 


TrackItNow, a US-based fleet management software platform, offers GPS tracking, route planning, and fleet maintenance solutions for Indian businesses.

  • Fleet tracking with real-time location and historical data.
  • Each device is identified with a unique digital identity. Each data set collected from the device contains the device ID, location, and time. The device can be located and tracked in real time.
  • TrueAutonomous provides board chip, storage, battery, and firmware that make the device autonomous
  • TrueSensors provides devices with multiple sensors to collect data for the required application.


FleetRobo Provides real-time tracking, analytics, and telematics solutions to optimize fleet performance and safety.

  • Real-time position updates and GPS fleet tracking.
  • Tracking of driver behaviour combined with safety rating.
  • Geofencing by providing data on user location and proximity.
  • Tracking and improving fuel economy.
  • Analytics and reports that can be customized for fleet performance.


MindYourFleet offers comprehensive fleet management solutions, including booking management, dispatching, and invoicing. It provides a SaaS-based, end-to-end enterprise tool that helps car rental companies promote, manage, and distribute their business online.

  • MindYourFleet provides features for tracking vehicles and ensuring fleet visibility in real-time.
  • Maintenance schedule and reminder system.
  • Cost control and fuel tracking.
  • Tools for compliance with regulations and inspections.
  • Analytics and reporting that are customizable for data-driven decision-making.


In summary, efficient fleet management software is essential for companies looking to streamline processes, raise security, and cut expenses. These systems enable businesses to enhance productivity, simplify logistics, and preserve a competitive edge within their particular markets by facilitating real-time tracking, optimizing routes, or scheduling maintenance.

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