Discovering Hotels with Electric Car Chargers

Discovering Hotels with Electric Car Chargers

Smart hotels with EV Charging stations enhance revenue and create more sustainability. Learn more about hotels with EV charging stations in detail.

The EV industry is on a whopping CAGR ( Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 25%, so people prefer convenience and charging stations everywhere. Smart Hotels in Bangalore have already implemented sustainable tourism for their guests by providing EV Charging stations. In this article, let’s find the hotels with EV Charging stations.

And the Tools and Apps to Find Hotels with EV Charging Stations around the city. 

The number of EV charging stations in Bangalore hotels has increased significantly, highlighting their significance in supporting the growing electric vehicle trend. In addition to improving the services for their guests, these hotels also support environmentally friendly methods in the hospitality industry. 

Bangalore is a center for environmental consciousness and technological innovation; therefore, EV charging stations make traveling more convenient and contribute to the city's green initiatives. As more lodging establishments incorporate these features, they lessen carbon footprints and cater to the changing demands of environmentally conscious visitors, which is a positive step toward sustainable urban transportation.

Let's dive into why EV charging stations are becoming the talk of the town in the hospitality industry.

The Significance of EV Charging Stations for Hotels

Hotels with EV charging stations address the lack of public charging infrastructure and appeal to environmentally conscious tourists. They demonstrate a dedication to sustainability, draw visitors looking for eco-friendly services, and aid neighborhood initiatives to lower carbon emissions by providing easily accessible electric vehicle charging stations.

Scarcity of EV charging stations on roads prompting hotel installations

Hotels with EV Charging stations and highways are becoming increasingly important for those driving EVs. The number of electric cars on the streets of cities like Bangalore is increasing, and as a result, there is a greater need than there is currently for accessible charging infrastructure. 

In addition to addressing this pressing need, hotels are demonstrating their leadership in sustainability and customer service by installing EV charging stations. By offering these amenities, hotels help national and international efforts to lower carbon emissions and encourage the use of cleaner forms of transportation while also drawing in ecologically concerned visitors.

Now that we’ve understood why hotels want to install EV chargers let’s see how it benefits them.

Benefits to hotels with EV charging stations

Hotels are realizing that having EV (electric vehicle) charging stations is a strategic advantage in today's increasingly environmentally concerned world. In addition to fulfilling the requirements of owners of electric vehicles, these amenities provide hotels with other benefits:

  1. Bringing in Eco-Friendly Clientele: EV charging stations attract tourists who care about the environment and seek eco-friendly lodging. And, of course, the ease of charging their vehicles overnight for the next touring morning. 
  1. Improved Customer Experience: Offering easy ways to charge increases patron loyalty and pleasure. Descent pricing or inclusive of the prices in the hotel charges improves customer satisfaction.
  1. Competitor advantage: Hoteliers can gain a competitive edge by satisfying the increasing need for electric vehicle infrastructure. 
  1. Enhanced Occupancy and Revenue: Attracts more visitors who appreciate eco-friendly features, which could increase hotel profitability.
  1. Encouraging Corporate Social Responsibility: Exhibits a dedication to ecological responsibility aligned with worldwide sustainability objectives.

The Role of EV Charging in Promoting Green Road Trips and Adoption

The accessibility of EV charging infrastructure is a key factor in encouraging environmentally friendly road trips and improving the adoption of EVs. By providing easily accessible charging stations along well-traveled roads, range anxiety is lessened, encouraging drivers to take longer trips confidently. 

In addition to encouraging interest and adoption among potential customers, accessibility helps to cultivate a favorable view of electric vehicles as competitive substitutes for conventional automobiles. Widespread infrastructure for charging also backs government programs meant to lower carbon emissions and lessen reliance on fossil fuels.

Leading Hotel Chains with EV Charging Stations

The top hotels with EV Charging stations in Bangalore are listed below. 

  1. Hilton, Outer Ring road
  2. Marriott, Lavelle Road
  3. Best Western, Manyata Tech Park Road
  4. Holiday Inn, Gandhinagar 
  5. Radisson Hotels, Palace Road
  6. Hyatt Hotels, MG Road
  7. Sheraton Hotels and Resorts, Malleshwaram

Let’s learn about each of them in detail. 

  1. Hilton, Outer Ring road

A renowned luxury hotel offering upscale amenities and impeccable service in the heart of Bangalore's Embassy GolfLinks Business Park. It offers luxurious rooms and suites with modern amenities and multiple dining options, including a rooftop bar and spa services. 

The Hilton stands out because of its EV charging station availability for guests who own an EV. 

Charger type- Level 2 charging 

Charging time - 2 hours - 13 hours - ideal for hotel/highways/mall charging

  1. Marriott, Whitefield

Located in the IT hub of Whitefield, known for its sophisticated accommodations, business facilities, and global dining options. It features elegantly appointed rooms and suites, several restaurants serving global cuisines, a full-service spa, an outdoor pool, a fitness center, and many more. Along with all these luxurious amenities, Marriott also offers an EV Charging station for their EV guests.

Charger type- Level 2 charging- associated with EV Connect

Charging time- Typically 2-8 hours

  1. Best Western, Manyata Tech Park Road

Situated in the Hennur Gardens area, this hotel is known for its comfortable rooms, business-friendly amenities, and warm hospitality. Provides comfortable rooms with modern conveniences, complimentary breakfast, a fitness center, business facilities, and personalized services. They also provide EV Charging stations with suitable chargers and ample parking space.

Charger types- Type 1 and Type 2

Charging time- Approximately 2-20 hours, depending on the charger 

  1. Holiday Inn, Gandhinagar 

It offers contemporary rooms and suites with complimentary breakfast, a 24/7 market, a fitness center, business services, and convenient access to Bangalore Turf Club and central Bangalore.

Along with these high-class amenities, they also offer ample space for your EV to be charged overnight!

Charger types- Type 1 and 2

Charging time - Typically 2-15 hours

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  1. Radisson Hotels, Palace Road

It is known for its upscale amenities and central location near Palace Road, catering to business travelers and tourists exploring Bangalore's cultural and commercial landmarks.

With an EV Charging station, this hotel provides its guests with chargers and spacious parking space for a convenient EV experience. 

Charger types- Types 1 and 2 / Might also provide Battery swapping stations

Charging time- Typically 2-10 hours, depending on the chargers

  1. Hyatt Hotels, MG Road

Located on MG Road, known for its shopping and entertainment, attracts guests looking for a stylish and centrally located stay with easy access to Bangalore's bustling city life. This hotel offers global dining options, a lively bar, and meeting facilities, along with an EV Charging station for all its customers. 

Charger types- Type 1 and 2

Charging time- 2 hours- 10 hours

  1. Sheraton Hotels and Resorts, Malleshwaram

Situated in the upscale Brigade Gateway enclave, known for its modern amenities and elegant ambiance, It features luxurious rooms and suites, multiple dining venues, including specialty restaurants, a spa, an outdoor pool, a fitness center, and extensive conference and event spaces. Along with these luxurious amenities, Sheraton Hotels with EV Charging station stands out due to its progress towards sustainability.

Charger type - Type 1 and 2/ They might also provide Battery swapping options

Charging time- 2 hours- 15 hours

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Apps and Tools to Find Hotels with EV Charging Stations

Tools and apps make finding hotels with EV charging stations easier for those who own electric vehicles. They offer up-to-date details on hotel services, such as the kinds and availability of EV charging stations. This promotes sustainable travel behaviors by empowering users to make well-informed decisions and guaranteeing convenient vehicle recharging during their visit. The first in the list that you should consider is Pulse Energy.

Pulse Energy: The best in the nation for EV Charging station

Pulse Energy is an all-inclusive resource for finding hotels with EV charging stations. It facilitates remote monitoring and control, guarantees dependable charging infrastructure, and maximizes energy efficiency. By delivering real-time data on availability and status, Pulse Energy's technology increases the operational reliability of EV charging facilities, improves user experience, and promotes sustainable mobility options.

The following features are available to consumers of Pulse Energy:

  1. Smart Energy Management: Reduces costs and maximizes energy utilization for effective operations. Pulse Energy helps manage energy for all its customers to ensure smooth travel.
  2. Remote Monitoring: Allows for the performance and status of EV charging stations to be tracked in real-time. 
  3. Data analytics: Offers perceptions of usage trends and patterns to enhance the charging infrastructure.
  4. Integration Capabilities: Compliant with various smart grid technologies and EV charging systems.
  5. User-friendly Interface: A simple platform for effortlessly managing and setting up charging sessions.

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ChargeHub App: Mobile access to find hotel charging stations

Thanks to the ChargeHub app, which is accessible by mobile, users may find hotel charging stations for electric vehicles with ease and peace of mind. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, travelers can search and filter hotels based on their EV charging availability and characteristics. Travelers may simply organize their stays around sustainable transportation needs with the help of this smartphone solution, which offers hassle-free travel.

EV Hotels App: A dedicated platform for locating EV-friendly lodging

The EV Hotels app is a specialized tool created to assist users in locating EV-friendly hotels worldwide. It provides a thorough database of hotels with electric car charging stations, making it simple for tourists to choose and reserve lodging that fits their environmentally conscious travel preferences. The app guarantees convenience and encourages eco-friendly travel decisions by giving comprehensive information about charging capabilities at each hotel. Comprehensive guide to finding hotels with EV charging facilities is an all-inclusive resource for finding hotels with EV charging stations. Using its user-friendly interface, travelers may browse and filter hotels based on their needs for charging electric vehicles. The website ensures users can make informed decisions and organize their journeys effectively while encouraging sustainable travel practices by providing thorough information on charger types, availability, and user reviews.

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The Future of Travel: Convenience of EV Charging at Hotels

Hotel EV charging infrastructure expansion is booming as the travel sector embraces sustainability. Incorporating EV charging stations improves visitor convenience and happiness while satisfying the growing demand from electric vehicle owners. 

This program lowers travel-related carbon footprints, contributing to environmental aims. The predicted increase in EV charging stations at hotels worldwide shows a dedication to environmentally friendly operations, drawing eco-aware tourists and complementing larger campaigns to support greener modes of transportation. 

Ultimately, the ease with which EV charging can be done at hotels is a step forward in improving traveler satisfaction and environmental responsibility.

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